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Meadow Bouquets

~~~Links to purchase these designs is at the bottom of this page ~~~

Sewn on 100% cotton batik fabric, this design is available in 2 sizes – 5 inch and 8 inch.

Get an additional discount when you buy both sizes.

5 Inch Details

5 inch design

8 Inch Details

8 Inch Design

5 Inch Design – Click below for product page

8 Inch Design – Click below for product page

5 & 8 Inch Collection – Click below for product page

2 thoughts on “Meadow Bouquets

  1. I love the Meadow Bouquet embroidery! Will you be designing another to go with it? It would be lovely to have a set

    1. Yes Robin! I will be making more. I wasn’t sure if meadow flowers would be liked so I made this one to test.

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