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Ms October Dog Calendar Collectibles

These are ‘Collectible’ designs

~~~Links to purchase these designs are at the bottom of this page ~~~

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For years I have been searching for dog artwork that is generic and is not childish or cartoonish.  Because there are so many breeds it is impossible for me to digitize each one.  Then I ran across this artwork. I love each and every one of these 12 dogs. Each dog is generic enough to be suitable for several similar breeds. I ran the artwork by my doggie loving friend Karen and her husband Stephen. They immediately said they loved them all. I knew then it was a go.

I have sewn every one of the 6 and 8 inch designs and some of the 4 inch designs myself and watched every stitch go into the fabric. They sew perfectly. Please use the notions I recommend for best results, especially the bobbin thread and the stabilizers. The rest of the 4 inch designs were sewn by my highly experienced assistant, Dee Froula.

4 inch Ms October

Thread jumps are inevitable with designs like this. If your machine does not cut the jumps for you then trim them yourself as they occur. This will prevent them from getting stitched over by further stitches.

8 inch Ms October

There are many details thus all the thread changes. Plus they must sew in the order I’ve given them to you to prevent them from being stitched over with further stitches. So don’t re-sequence the design to sew all one color at a time. You will be disappointed at the results.


6 inch Ms October

I’ve gotta have Ms. October 4-Inch!

I’ve gotta have Ms. October 6-Inch!

I’ve gotta have Ms. October 8-Inch!

I’ve gotta have all Ms. October sizes (on sale)!

3 thoughts on “Ms October Dog Calendar Collectibles

  1. Hoping to see the last ones soon. LOVE your designs

    1. yes. I want to get them done and my quilt made too. Have been too sick to do anything lately and still doing work to the house to sell it. My first priority when it’s done is Nov and Dec calendar dogs. They are too cute not to have a complete set. I had no idea it would take this long to get them done. It takes me about 2 weeks to do one – for all the various sizes and sew outs.
      Thanks Pat.

      1. sorry to hear you have been ill. At 83 I have more off days than good, so I sympathize with you. So hoping to collect the last ones.


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