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Celebrate Easter Quilt Banner

Celebrate Easter Banner

Link to the collection can be found at the bottom of this page

Celebrate Easter
Celebrate Easter

Quilted with doves, this is my Easter Quilt for the front door. It can equally hang on the wall. I’ve been putting previous door banners on the backside of the door so when the door is closed I get to enjoy looking at them.

I am using 2 of the designs in my quilt. However, I have edited them into more designs so smaller hoops can sew them and to give you a bit more creative leeway.

My plan is to make the floral design without the lettering with a different message or simply one very large W. I simply cannot make just one project with this design.

Add any text inside the oval for a customized project


Click here to see how I make these quilts

Some FYI from my document that accompanies this product.


  • Background Fabric – I used tone on tone 100% cotton prewashed and pressed
  • Cotton Batting – Quilters Dream 80/20 Fusible quilt batting
  • Soft Tear Away (if using quilt batting)
  • Medium weight cutaway – (if not using quilt batting)
  • Wonderfil #80 prewound bobbins or #100 weight cone bobbin thread
  • Madeira #40 weight rayon and polyneon threads
  • Schmetz #12 topstitch needle

Madeira Thread Colors I Used

(R) = Rayon   (P) = Polyneon

  1. R1138 Cream
  2. R1898 Dark Bluish Green
  3. R1048 Medium Green
  4. R2029 Variegated Green – a most interesting variegated thread for vines, grass, and small leaves.
  5. P1861 Yellow
  6. R1024 Gold
  7. R1221 Dark Peach
  8. R1254 Medium Peach
  9. R1018 Light Peach
  10. R1033 Purple
  11. R1033 Medium Plum
  12. R1188 Light Plum
  13. P1781 Very Dark Pink
  14. R1110 Dark Pink
  15. R1109 Medium PInk
  16. R1321 Light Pink

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Fragile Petals No. 8 – Freebie!

Fragile Petals No. 8 - Free Embroidery Design

Fragile Petals No. 8

In appreciation for those of you who support me and my studio, here is another in a series of free embroidery designs.

This design replaces the one offered before its series and will subsequently be replaced by another in a week or so.  If you’re enamored with these freebies so much that you want to share with your fellow threadnuts – um, fabric artist –  please send your fellow enthusiast here so that they can check out the rest of my embroidery library, tutorials and inspirational stories and photographs.

If you like these freebies and want to make sure you get the rest of the collection, moving forward, consider signing up for my newsletter or Facebook group. Otherwise, come visit often and stay as long as you like.

Should you be inspired to craft something with these designs, please consider sharing photographs of your projects, as I’d love to see them.


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Diva Katz*

Diva Katz - The Fab Three

Links to each collection can be found at the bottom of this page

I’ve been wanting some long tall kitties for a long time. When I ran across this artwork I knew these were it.

These will be great in so many projects. I wanted mine on my tops and tunics. But a quilted banner with all three on the bottom (w/o the lettering) and Cat Lady in the top comes to mind. Includes a Cat Lady Bonus*

Diva Katz Trio Design – 11 inches tall including their head gear

Because I wanted these on some very lightweight cotton jersey tunics, I used organza for the applique fabric and 1 lightweight cotton floral print. Almost all of the embroidery is located on the applique fabric with very little on the knit fabric itself. Therefore, I decided to use water soluble stabilizer on top and bottom instead of the usual cut away on the back.

Continue reading Diva Katz*

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Cottage Rose Collections

Cottage Rose 8x11

~~~~ Links to each collection is at the bottom of this page ~~~~

Life is But a Dream

This is my first two-story cottage with my dream landscaping. It was a rather plain house artwork but it was pink which of course drew my attention. I spiced it up with my dream colorful landscaping complete with grass, shaped bushes, and a beautiful balanced tree in full bloom.

I added animal and bird buttons to these sew outs because I like them this way.  Find links to these special buttons by typing the word button into the search box located in the upper right corner.

Cottage Rose 8×11 with Buttons

Remembering my mom’s purple alliums I created my machine embroidery version in the front flower bed. I remember carpets of colorful phlox in nearly every yard back home in Virginia every spring so I made the pink and purple phlox carpets on the ground of the front flower beds.

The overflowing flower box on the second floor is a dream come true for me as I have never been able to grow a flower box this great. So making an embroidery one is an assurance I can own one this beautiful with a plus that it will stay this way all season long without all the work year after year.

Cottage Rose 6×7 with Buttons

The trailing flowers and their vines are again a dream arrangement I have always wanted but no green thumb around here except on my computer playing with nothing more than my embroidery digitizing program and my imagination.

Cottage Rose 5×6 with Buttons

The front railing on the left side I left open especially for a kitty button to be placed as well as a grassy area where other buttons can be added with pets to enjoy. The tree is plenty spacious and open to add button birds. A chicken or two…or three…running around in the yard would be nice.

Included in each collection are all the elements and the house. PDF instructions included.

Cottage Rose 8×11 Inches

Cottage Rose 8-Inches

Cottage Rose 6×7 Inches

Cottage Rose 5×6 Inches

Cottge Rose 4×4 Inches