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Cottage Lace 5×7

This started out as a solid white cottage design. I was thinking about Christmas at the time.  I thought it would be nice on a tree or in a window. After it finished sewing and washed out ,even though it was beautiful, I still wanted it to have color. Specifically flowers and vines. Hence the addition of the yellow windows and botanica. 

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Golden Snowflakes

Yes – more snowflakes!

I couldn’t resist this gorgeous artwork. I immediately had in mine to sew them with gold metallic thread on a white knit top.

If you need a quick what to wear to a (perhaps unexpected) get together for the holidays this will do it for you. A top with fancy pants or skirt and you are ready to go. My top is a simple cotton Walmart top. It is short sleeved but then we get very little cold weather in Houston. You probably have an un-decorated top in your closet to adorn with one of these arrangements or just one or two singles.

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