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Pami – Flaunt Your Sass!

Pami - Flaunt Your Sass Embroidery Project

Links to the collections can be found at the bottom of this page


If you like this design, please let me know so I can make others to go with her.

I stumbled across this beautiful artwork and immediately said, ‘Pam’!

Pam is a friend of mine who has red hair and a peaches and cream complexion. Also her favorite color is black.

I asked another friend who knows both of us what saying I should add to it. She immediately said “Flaunt your Sass!” and it stuck. Thank you Mari for that perfect description to this sassy picture.

But don’t let that description fool you. Our Pam has one of the sweetest most beautiful hearts you could know.

It has been great fun digitizing this design with the flouncy hair and darling face. Although it uses few thread colors, it has a lot of thread changes and they are necessary. Everything has to sew in a specific order from backwards to forward.

Her dress is an applique fabric that can be sewn using a wing needle to create the circles on the dress or without any of that stitching at all. The pink applique dress is one such example where I skipped the wing needle stitching. The white applique dress is one such dress where I used the wing needle and stitched the wing needle circles. It’s hard to see that because I used black thread. But it is there.


I want so much to put her on a tunic, but right now I have a new day bed to decorate and she will be part of that.

Pami is available in 2 sizes

5 inches wide and 7 inches wide

Or Get Them All

See links at the bottom of this page

  • The 5 inches wide includes 2 Pami’s – a 5×7 and a 5×8, a Pami bust, and Flaunt your Sass! lettering.
  • The 7 inches wide includes Pami in 7×11 size, a Pami bust, and Flaunt your Sass! lettering.

Also, plan ahead, I have one more red head coming up. Her name is Dee.

Notions I used

  • Madeira Polyneon threads black, dark gray, white, and dark taupe; colors Dark Auburn 1639, Medium Auburn 1779, and Light Auburn 1616 for her hair; Darkest Auburn 1638 for her lips; 1927 for her skin; 1656 for her skin shadows
  • Pellon ShirTailor fusible interfacing
  • Medium Weight Soft tear away stabilizer
  • Pima Cotton Broadcloth in cream color
  • Green Cotton/Linen blend
  • Wing Needle size 100
  • Wonderfil pre-wound bobbins in gray
  • #12 Topstitch needle

Yes I want Pami – Flaunt Your Sass!

5 Inch Collection

7 Inch Collection

I want it all – Both 5 and 7 inch collections

When you elect to purchase any of the recommended notions through the links below, Laura’s Sewing Studio receives a small remuneration at no additional cost to you.


4 thoughts on “Pami – Flaunt Your Sass!

  1. just wondering if there os a thread guide for Pami ? love the colors you used

    1. Yes Yvonne there is. I generally list colors in the document.
      this design however i know how important it is to get the right flesh tones and hair colors. That’s why in my post I listed them under ‘Notions I used’ and promoted them on amazon right below it.
      Happy Sewing,

      1. Thank you. I see it ……

        1. You’re welcome Yvonne.

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