3D Christmas Cottage ITH 6×8

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What’s Included

  • 8×11 inch Christmas Cottage
  • Christmas Cottage Bottom
  • Comprehensive Instructions with easy to follow pictures and diagrams
  • Completed Cottage is 6x3x2.5 inches with a base 2×2.5 inches
  • More general instructions below

Some photos shown with a light inside. Some photos shown without the light turned on.

Click the + on the photos whose name ends in 800 for a closer look

Also available in 8×11 size for larger hoops – see note.

Note: The final product of both the 8×11 and the 6×8 designs are exactly the same cottage.

Cottage is 6.5 inches by 2.5 x 2.5 x 2.5 inches

See more info below


An ‘In the hoop’ design, the cottage is one piece and folds up into the cottage. See the photo. It has seam allowances.  The only difference between the 8×11 and the 6×8 is the 6×8 is divided in two at one of the corners. Sew the two halves  to form one corner of the house. Turn up the bottom seam allowances and topstitch. Fold the cottage right sides together and sew the roof together one seam at a time. Then sew the long side seam. Turn right side out and it’s made.

If you want a bottom like mine there are instructions for that as well and it’s not difficult.

The cottage is sturdy and holds its shape (when sewn as directed).

Put a light in it to enjoy looking at it, stuff it and add a few rocks in the bottom for weight, display it on your desk, kitchen window sill, etc. Or make some for gifts.

This cottage is exactly the same finished cottage as the 8×11 cottage

For more information visit my blog post Christmas Cottage


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