Adult Bib Pattern (Free)

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This is my Free Adult Bib Pattern – More Info below –

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This is an adult bib pattern (pdf) that you may print in 8.5×11 inch sheets of paper and assemble. There are no ties to fumble with, if you’re little arthritic, but there a generous pockets at the bottom to help keep it all neat. Just slip the generous opening over your head and away you go.

I originally created this pattern several years ago to make bibs to give to my patients. Over the years, I’v made quite a few. What’s more, I’ve learned that there’s always a need and those who receive them get a lot of mileage out of them.

If you have a family member, friend or neighbor who might be bedridden, a little shaky-handed or, like me, just a hardy eater with poor aim, then this is a must-do project. I still make one or two these every year or so, just for myself – either because I’ve worn out the old ones or want to make fashion statement.

Of course, I only show you the way. As is always the case, the journey is yours. So make them as plain, fashionable or fanciful as you desire or occasion dictates, firm in the knowledge that it may be laundered frequently.

I hope that you find this pattern project helpful for you or someone you love. If you’d like to share your story, I’d love to hear it.


8 reviews for Adult Bib Pattern (Free)

  1. Carol Southard (verified owner)

    Thank you for a great free useful pattern. I used it and stitched up a great bib for my mom last night. I have posted the bib on my Instagram account @sewsweetcake.

    • Laura

      thank you for that Carol. I’ve shared it around FB.
      I know she will appreciate it.

  2. Lise Rivard (verified owner)

    Merci pour le patron je viens de le réaliser pour ma maman qui est en résidence je suis certaine qu’elle va l’aimer, elle voulait une bavette avec des poches.

    • Laura

      You’re very welcome Lise.
      I’m glad she likes it.

  3. Mimi Horowitz (verified owner)

    I downloaded the pattern. Thank you but haven’t started it yet. Whats the seam allowance? And it’s for my mom, she is petite, like 5′ 2″ and weighs 95 lbs. Will this be to big on her?

    • Laura

      Hello Mimi,
      There is no seam allowance but the width of the binding you use.
      I’m 5’2″ so it will not be too long for her.

  4. Mimi Horowitz (verified owner)

    Unfortunately I am not gonna use binding. I’m going to use 2 fabrics sew right sides together leave an opening and turn it inside out. binding takes long and costly. So I guess I will figure out seam allowance

  5. Vivien Goertz (verified owner)

    I want to print the pattern, but your instruction state to set the scaling to “none”. I don’t have that choice. I can choose from: Default, Fit to printable area, Fit to paper, or Customized. Which of these do I pick? How big are the squares supposed to be when printed?
    Many thanks.

    • Laura

      Hi Vivien, I would say default.
      Apologies for taking so long to answer. I’ve been ill.

  6. ValerieHeard (verified owner)

    Thank you Laura, a pattern has been created from your pdf (we left off the bottom pocket area so it is a little shorter) and I look forward to using my overlocker to make dignity bibs for both men and women to donate to the care home where my husband now lives. I’ll use up fabric stash, and the home will be happy. I am in Kent, Southeast England.

    • Laura

      Thank you for making them Valerie. Using the overlocker instead of bias trim is a great idea. You should be able to make them a lot faster.

  7. Claire Mineault (verified owner)

    Thank you so very much Carol for this marvelous pattern. I was looking for this one since a long time.


    • Laura

      You’re welcome Claire.

  8. Linda Kemper (verified owner)

    Looking forward to using your pattern to make a couple of these for my friend. I need to make it some more work and be texting because she can’t really put it behind her neck and velcro it or anything. She’s pretty much bed confined now and just can’t lift her arms like that anymore so I want to try and adjust it just a bit to where it’ll tuck in to her clothes. Thank you for sharing!! Do you have a fabric preference when making yours?

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