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What’s Included

  • 20 Designs for the 5×5 and 4×4 hoops
  • Final thread change is an outline should you need it to assist with assembling the blocks
  • PDF Document



In the tradition of the post-Renaissance period from which they borrow there name, these designs are extravagantly ornate and convoluted satin stitch designs. To say they are ostentatious is an understatement but here you have it. Make beautiful statements with them, for you can’t go wrong.

This collection consists of 20 designs. They are 2-4 colors. The last color change is black. Black is a final outline if you need it for your project to help you with cutting them out accurately.

These designs are in 2 sizes for the 4×4 hoops and the 5×5 hoops. Mix and match as your project deems it.

The given layouts make large pillows, from 19” to 34”, which are perfect to lie on in the floor or to prop yourself up, to read or watch your favorite show.

Use these layouts below or make up your own. The choice is yours of course. Let your imagination take over.


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