Be Dee-Lightful Dee 5×7 Inches

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What’s Included

  • Includes the full 5×7 design of Dee
  • Includes all three dress versions
  • Includes the message
  • Fits the 5×7 hoop or larger
  • Comprehensive Step-by-step PDF instructions
  • Zoom into the pictures to see the details


Dee on Green – I sewed the blue dress design next to Pami onto green cotton/linen. I used the applique method for her dress.  The wing needle lacy edge along the hem is sewn with a regular needle. Now I can make the pretty long pillow I had planned for this project.

Dee on Cream – I sewed this design using the wing needle option for this dress. I sewed the fill in her dress with a wing needle as well as the lacy hem. You can see the light coming through the holes created by the wing needle when making the lacy circles. Light shows through some of the wing needle eyelets in her dress as well.


Although I offer two versions of Dee’s dress – applique and wing needle, it can also be both.  So there are really three versions of Dee’s dress. The wing needle fill on her dress can be sewn through the applique fabric as well.

It’s your choice – applique, wing needle fill, or applique + wing needle fill for her dress.

Alternate Hair Colors

I made a few computer renderings of alternate hair colors. The same thread color choices will apply regardless if a brunette, blond, red, or auburn. The colors will still be considered dark, darker, darkest, plus a lighter dark for the highlights in her hair. 

See the photos listed for viewing. I hope these are helpful.


  • Madeira Polyneon threads
    • Auburn Hair – #1638 dark, #1782 darker, and #1974 darkest auburn and one color a bit lighter #1942 auburn for the hightights in her hair.
    • #1974 Darkest Auburn for her lips
    • #1927 for her skin;  #1656 for her skin shadows; #1726 for skin details.
    • #1892 light aqua for her socks and #1991 dark aqua for her shoes
    • For the wing needle dress
      • #1888 Medium Aqua for the wing needle fill of her dress.
      • #1991 Darker Aqua for the details and shadows of her dress
    • For applique dress –
      • color to match the applique fabric, same color 1-2 shades darker for the details of the dress, and a darker one still for the shadows of her dress.
    • Black for her eyes
    • #1758 Brown for her smile; butterfly bodies and outlines
    • #1919 Medium pink for the butterflies
    • #1941 Light pink for the butterflies details
    • Colors of choice for the lettering
    • Thread color to match the background fabric
  • Pellon ShirTailor fusible interfacing
  • Medium Weight Soft tear away stabilizer
  • Quilter’s Dream 80/20 fusible cotton batting
  • Pima Cotton Broadcloth in cream color
  • Green Cotton/Linen blend
  • For the applique dress – fabric of choice for the applique
  • Wing Needle size 100 or Size 18 Jeans Needle
  • Wonderfil pre-wound bobbins in white or cream
  • #12 Topstitch needle

Please note that while these designs do not have a lot of thread colors they do have many thread changes. They are necessary. Don’t consolidate them. Some sections have to sew before other sections.


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