Beautiful Frames


Having sewn so many beautiful samples for my various embroidery collection, I had a wonderful pile of sewouts with no place to show them. Then I was inspired. I’d wanted to frame them, but that wasn’t enough. I wanted to framed them in a style appropriate to them.

Beautiful small collection of lace (2 design sets) and applique (1 design set) designs that can be sewn in the 4×4 or 5×7 hoops, depending on your framing size requirements. Each frame design comes in two different sizes – one for the 4×4 hoop and another for the 5×7 hoop. Each frame design is sewn four times and subsequently assembled to complete the frame. Once assembled, use them as framing mats to showcase your embroidery, family or beloved pet. Included them as part of a photograph gift.


  • All three frame designs, in two different sizes for a total of six (6) unique frame designs
  • Instructions how to sew the designs


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