Bee Dancing in Rosa-Pink Cufflets – Wristlets – Keychains (gold-tone hardware)


What’s Included

  • A wristlet keychain
  • 1-inch wide strap.
  • 13 inches long
  • Made of cotton denim.
  • Gold Tone hardware including the matching key ring
  • Embellished with an original embroidery design created especially for it – I call ‘Bee Dancing 
  • Stitched with Rose and pink colors I call ‘Rosa Pink
  • Also available in Gunmetal Hardware as shown in photo

First Class postage included with purchase when shipped within the United States.

This cufflet is a high quality product designed, crafted, and produced in Houston Texas.

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This cufflet is a Limited Edition wristlet keychain.

The cotton denim fabric is comfortable next to your skin

It is embellished with an original embroidery I created especially for it. I call it ‘Bee Dancing’

It is sewn in Rose and Pink-  I call ‘Rosa Pink’.

The Gold Tone hardware includes the matching key ring.

With a 13 inch strap, it fits comfortable over most hands, making it a comfortable means to hold onto your keys as you are walking to your car or taking groceries into the house.

What you can do with a cufflet/wristlet:

  • Keep your regularly used keys together safely
  • Makes it easier to find your keys when attached to a wristlet
  • Keeps your thumb drives visible and safer.
  • Add to light weight items that need a handle to carry or hang like a clutch
  • Keeps those rarely used keys together and visible so you can find them when you do need them.
  • I keep small tools on mine – glasses screw driver and universal screw driver (a Craftsman tool)
  • Laser light for pets – yours or someone else
  • Miniature flash lights are perfect for looking in the mailbox when you get home from work after dark
  • Small bags to keep personal information when walking or riding bikes
  • Purell is convenient to use and get to quickly when on a wristlet.  You don’t have to dig in your purse with dirty hands searching for it.

This cufflet is a high quality product designed, crafted, and produced in Houston, Texas

Additional information

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 14 × 1 × .25 in


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