Big Crazy Cats Applique


I love cats (and dogs) but I don’t usually digitize them. I simply enjoy their company, playing with them, and of course combing and petting. However, I couldn’t resist this artwork. I decided I would make them BIG! After all, big is good, right? Wouldn’t it be cool to put them on a dress – a Bohemian look? Again, I couldn’t resist. I am not at all disappointed with the outcome and can’t wait to wear it. Because of the calico patchwork motif, I’ve taken to calling them Cali and Cal , my calico cat couple, but the embroidery set is simply known as my Big Crazy Cats.

I’m especially happy with the eyes. They are the first eyes I have ever digitized – thanks in part to great artwork.

The set is actually two separate designs, one for the 6×10 hoop and the other for the 5×7 hoop, with the finished projects measuring 22×21 inches and 18×17 inches, respectively.

There is no design alignment within the hoop used
(Sections are sewn separately and assembled later)


  • 6×10 set includes a 10 part design for the 6×10 (160 x 260 mm) hoop
  • 5×7 set includes a 12 part design for the 5×7 (125 x 175 mm) hoop
  • No Design Alignment Within the Hoop is used!!!
  • (Sections are sewn separately and assembled later)
  • Includes a full-color instructional booklet (pdf), with an addendum of a full-scale, six-page template, which you print and assemble to aid in design placement


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