Bonnie, Wing Needle Sun Bonnet Sue 6×10


What’s Included

  • Bonnie Wing Needle Sun Bonnet Sue 6×10
  • PDF instructions

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I created all of the wing needle stitches in this design. The wing needle areas are her hat, sleeves, bodice, skirt, and apron. If you look closely at the photographs you can see the ‘holes’ created by the wing needle.The stitches hold the ‘holes’ open.

If you do not have a wing needle or are afraid to use one, then use a large jeans needle. The effect is not as pronounced but still a fairly good show of the ‘holes’.

They are not actually holes though. The wing needle separates the fibers of the fabric and the stitches hold it open as if they were holes.


  • Medium weight 100% cotton.  Wing Needle stitches sew best on natural fabrics where the wing part of the needle can separate the fibers of the fabric. I do not recommend polyester, acrylic, or man made fabrics.
  • Medium weight soft tear away stabilizer – I used 2 layers
  • Top Stitch Needle – I used size 12 Schmetz
  • Wing Needle – I used size 100 Schmetz. 
  • OR a large jeans needle will give the same effect just not as pronounced but still  a fairly good show of the ‘holes’.

To find out if you can use a wing needle please visit my tutorial.


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