Butterfly Giants


I like big embroidery designs. But like many of you my embroidery machine is limited to smaller hoops. To resolve this limitation I make large designs in such a way they are easy to assemble when sewn one section at a time using our small hoops. Such is the case here.

The last color change of part 1 sews alignment stitches to use when aligning part 2. The first color change of part 2 sews alignment stitches directly over the alignment stitches sewn in part 1.  Thus the two butterfly sections are aligned correctly.


Includes 24 design files

  • This collection consists of 4 butterflies each one digitized into two sections.
  1. Each completed butterfly is in three sizes, for the 4×4, 5×7 & 6×10 hoops
  2. The 4×5 inch butterflies are sewn with the 4×4 inch hoop.
  3. The 8×7 and 9×7 inch butterflies are sewn with the 5×7 hoop.
  4. The 10×9 and 11×9 butterflies are sewn with the 6×10 hoop.
  • All Designs in All Sizes
  • Comprehensive, illustrated directions


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