Cat Portrait Tiffani

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What’s Included

  • 2 Colorful Designs of Tiffani
  • 2 Single Color Quilting Designs of Tiffani
  • 4 Designs total for the 5×7 hoop
  • PDF Instructions

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Tiffani is a prissy little cat dressed in her lacy hat and scarf as her portrait was being taken. It was taking the photographer (me) a long time to get it right but she did not wilt or get bored with the process at all. Such a sweet face and beautiful clear eyes looking off to the side – if she was to look at you straight-on her eyes would melt you heart.

Tiffani’s Designs (4 Designs) fits the 5×7 hoop. Sew these designs on anything you desire.

Two of the designs are all one color quilting designs. But can just as well be Redwork or Bluework. These would be perfect on old timey cotton kitchen towels.


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