Celebrate Easter 2.0

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What’s Included

  • 12 Designs for the 6×10 hoop and larger
  • Includes the Love You More message
  • PDF instructions for sewing the designs

Add any lettering inside the oval for a personalized project



Celebrate Easter


This is my Easter Quilt for the front door. It can equally hang on the wall. I’ve been putting previous ones on the backside of the door so when the door is closed I get to enjoy looking at them. I am using 2 of the designs in my quilt. However, I have edited them into more designs so smaller hoops can sew them and to give you a bit more creative leeway.

Love You More - Celebrate Easter Salutation No. 2
Love You More – Sometimes it needs to be said.

Now includes ‘Love You More’ alternate message.

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