Cottage Rose 4×4

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What’s Included

  • All 5 designs including gardening elements
  • PDF instructions

This cottage sews in a hoop large enough to accommodate a 4×4 inch design

The elements (included) – the floral tree and tailored bush can be added to the project by re-hooping the fabric and sewing those separately.

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Life is But a Dream

My first two-story cottage with my dream landscaping. It was a rather plain house artwork but it was pink which of course drew my attention. I spiced it up with my dream colorful landscaping complete with grass and flowers.. Plus extras you can add – a shaped bush and grass and a beautiful balanced tree in full bloom with grass.

Remembering my mom’s purple alliums, I created my machine embroidery version in the front flower bed. I remember carpets of colorful phlox in nearly every yard back home in Virginia every spring so I made the pink and purple phlox carpets on the ground of the front flower beds.

The overflowing flower box on the second floor is a dream come true for me as I have never been able to grow a flower box this great. So making an embroidery one is an assurance I can own one this beautiful with a plus that it will stay this way all season long without all the work year after year.

The trailing flowers and their vines are again a dream arrangement I have always wanted but no green thumb around here except on my computer playing with nothing more than my embroidery digitizing program and my imagination.

The front railing on the left side I left open especially for a kitty button to be placed as well as a grassy area where other buttons can be added with pets to enjoy. The tree is plenty spacious and open to add button birds. A chicken or two…or three…running around in the yard would be nice.

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    I just love these houses! Will you be making different sizes for the 2 story house? I also hope you make more of them. I can see a quilt made with all your pretty houses! So please please please make a few more…lol they are truest adorable!

    • Laura

      Hi Robin,
      The two story house is already in different sizes. I’m going to add landscaped versions in each of those sizes – except 4×4.
      Yes, more cottages to come. My project requires more. The next one is my fav. It’s actually my first one but I didn’t have the heart to sell it since I get so little for them.
      Thank you for the compliments.

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