Custom Lettering Service


Need a little help personalizing your embroidery project? If you need a custom lettering service to complete one of my Heralding machine embroidery projects, then I’m your gal. Just remember to include complete details of the message you want digitized (names and dates) and, to avoid any confusion, the heralding project to which it will be attached – Babies, Graduation, or Two Hearts, One Love. The fee is for the digitizing of one message. If you need more than one message, then you can include the other message details. Just remember to increment the number of lettering services you need, to reflect the additional messages. Should you need several of these or some other digitizing service, please contact me email to discuss price.

My typical turn around time is about 24 hours, for custom lettering to one of my own designs. However, I do ask that you allow up to 72 hours. If there is a delay or scheduling conflict, then I’ll let you know as soon as possible.

Should you want any digitizing work that requires new or original artwork, please contact me by email to inquiry about a price and time frame. To expedite the process, please submit attach an image of the artwork to be digitized, along with a note about it’s dimensions and any changes that might be required. I typically respond to these inquiries within 24 to 72 hours.




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