Eight-Point Star Quilt


I’m a quilter and have been since before I ever heard of machine embroidery. Still, inspired by folks like Eleanor Burns and Kaye Woods, I’d gotten quite comfortable with creating my quilts with the help of my 1972 Kenmore. But boy-oh-boy, when I finally realized the potential of computerized embroidery machine and “earned my chops” as my hubby puts it, I knew I wanted to take my embroidery beyond the hoop…way beyond.

8-Point Star is among my beyond the hoop endeavors of turning the precise and accuracy of machine embroidery into a means of creating large, embroidered quilt projects with a speed and elegance inspired by folks like Eleanor and Kaye. Just choose a block size – 4, 5 or 6-inch square – a thread color scheme (to match either your stash, imagination or both) and begin sewing stacks of seemingly simple blocks. When you have enough, sew them together into your pattern and voila! you’ve got your quilt top.

Next stop: Sandwich your quilt, then stitch in the ditch.

Don’t let the fact that this is a single quilt block design in three sizes fool you. It’s one block and dozens of variation on a theme, with the the 8-point star being only the simplest of the patterns from which to start.

A quilt too ambitious for you? That’s okay too. Because 8-Point Star dovetails nicely into other, smaller projects that from which you can make your own personal statement.

Of course, if you’re not certain just how far you can go with this one seemingly simple design, try virtually road-testing the concept with your Electric Quilt program.

Finally, if this single pattern isn’t enough of a challenge, try doubling down with one of my other quilt block designs and see just how far you can go. I challenge you.




  • 3 designs files, as shown in the media gallery
  • Instructions for stitching the designs (PDF).


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