Floral Parade

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What’s Included

The collection consist of 4×4, 5×7 and 6×10 designs centered around the idea of embellishing borders or anything where a long, thin floral design would be perfect.

  • All of the Floral Varieties fit the 4×4, 5×7, and 6×10 hoops (larger designs have been split to fit the smaller hoops as necessary)
  • All of the designs shown including the split files for smaller hoops.
  • Download includes all hoop sizes
  • Includes full color design details with color changes, in PDF format
  • The Quilt Layout

How to put these together and See more info below


Even 4 inch hoops can sew these long borders continuously with confidence.

I made these designs in 2003. I sewed all of these designs with a 4 inch hoop. It’s the largest hoop I had at the time.

* Simply print paper templates of the split files. Cut them out.
* Lay them end to end on the fabric. I tape them on or you can mark the fabric with the x/y axis and the first and last stitch of the design. I like to keep the paper templates in place.
* Rehoop for the next part of the design using the x/y center axis of the paper template and the center point of the plastic hoop template that came with the machine.
* The first stitch of the design starts exactly where the previous part ended. If it isn’t exactly there, with the machine move the hoop until the needle is at the last stitch of the previous design. No worries if it is a little off. I’ve added in a little fudge factor for you – the beginning of the design will sew to cover the join so it will not be seen anyway. Voila!

The diagram shows you how these designs go together. They were digitized so that the first stitch of parts 2 and 3 start at the alignment point. This way you will know at the very first stitch if your design is aligned correctly.


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