Hardanger Dimensions


Hardanger Dimensions is a collection of designs based upon my Hardanger Machine Embroidery process.  Like Hardangish Squared, which came before it, the collection consist of blocks sewn into four inch squares which are then assembled into your unique project, including a plain center block on which a custom design can be added, such a monogram or flower.  Also included are some non-block Hardanger style lace designs for border accents or to embellish other projects.

Hardanger Dimensions is not specifically a companion set to Hardangish Squared.  However, both collections are designed to be sewn in the 4×4 hoop and the squares in both collections are the same size.

As with all of my Hardanger Machine Embroidery, these designs require fabric and water soluble stabilizer, unless otherwise noted.

These designs fit the 4×4 (100x100mm) hoop.  However, the border and corner designs of Hardanger style lace are offered in repeat arrangements for the 5×7 hoop to save time, if you have a 5×7 hoop.  More importantly, they are the same designs as found in the 4×4 border and corner files.


  • All 16 designs shown above
  • Includes full-color,  illustrated instructions (PDF)


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