Hardanger On-Point ITH Designs

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What’s Included

  • Seven (7) designs for the 5×7 hoop
    • Five designs are sequenced as free-standing applique cutwork pieces that may be assembled together or applied to “hard-to-add-embroidery to” projects
    • Two additional designs serve as accent elements for larger projects and are not free-standing
  • Includes Pattern/Instructions for the Cross Body Essentials/Safety Bag
  • Comprehensive Step-by-step PDF instructions (40 beautiful pages including the pattern)

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With Hardanger On Point designs I added an extra finishing edge for more firmness and stitch security.

These designs are made for the long haul.

Hardanger On- Point designs can be sewn directly onto projects (not free-standing appliques). But still 5 of these designs can be sewn as Free-standing appliques. You can then attach them to what ever project you want – fabric, cards, lampshades, woodworking, . . . . The choice is yours. That’s why it’s DIY and ITH.

Document of Instructions

WOW I forgot how much work we put into this one.  Forty (40) beautiful pages including the purse pattern.

Heavy Plum Cardigan

It looks like I’ve gone Plum crazy making so many plum colored projects lately. I zig-zag stitched these two Free Standing hearts onto this long cotton cardigan and cut away the fabric from the back of the hearts. This is not a plain cardigan and it’s thick so hooping it was not an option. The additional of the two Hardanger free-standing hearts dresses it up a little. Which otherwise would not have been possible.

Hardanger on Jeans

I never thought I would put Hardanger on Jeans, but here you have it. It really dressed them up. Now I want to make more HD pieces to decorate the pockets. Using the free-standing designs beats removing the seams of jeans and hooping them. Plus no embroidering over THAT seam.

The Hardanger Essentials/Safety Bag

Pattern/Instructions Included

I created this purse for people who for safety reasons need to keep their cell phones, inhalers, medications, etc on their person at all times (i.e. folks in retirement facilities, elderly living alone at home, those of us who fall easily, etc).

I wanted this purse to be cross body so the weight of the phone would not be on the neck.  The purse would be on the hip more so than in front of you so it won’t be hanging in the sink when you are washing your hands. It will keep your safety items secure and easily accessible. It won’t be in the way when you go to the bathroom, get hung on anything when transferring from one surface to another, + many more reasons for its design. You may see more potential that will aid you or someone you know.

You’ll need a 5×7 hoop (125 x 175mm) to sew these design. However, the final dimensions of your finished projects are limited only by your imagination because, with my art it’s all about taking embroidery beyond the hoop.



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