Hardanger Squared

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What’s Included

  • ITH Designs
  • Includes nineteen (19) designs, for the 4×4 hoop
    • 14 of the designs can be stitched as free-standing applique cutwork and assembled into larger elements and projects
    • 5 of the designs are not free-standing and are meant for incorporation into other projects
  • PDF Document

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Hardanger Squared are Hardanger Machine Embroidery reminiscent of traditional Scandinavian cutwork , but with the added twist that 14 of these designs are meant to be sewn as individual, free-standing applique cutwork that you subsequently assembled into a variety Hardanger-style, whose size and variety are limited only by your imagination and available supplies of fabric and thread. Merely butt the individual pieces together and zig-zag stitch them together. The remaining 5 designs take a more conventional approach, requiring they be sewn into larger projects, as they’re not free-standing.

The designs utilize a wing needle and the cutting of fabric while in the hoop to re-create the pulled thread and cutwork techniques that are the hallmark of the style of fabric art.

As this is meant to be Hardanger in every conventional sense, the designs require fabric. They also require the use of a medium to heavy weight water-soluble stabilizer, placed beneath the fabric.

Instructions included, with photographs showing the embroidery process.

Each design is meant to be sewn in the 4×4 hoop.


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