Heart Cutwork – Heirloom Insertion Lace


Insertion Lace – Hearts” is an heirloom technique that can be stitched on most fabrics.  The designs require fabric, water soluble stabilizer, and an optional wing needle.  They can be sewn all one color or in multiple colors. (This travel/baby size pillowcase is a Lingerie Bag from EmbroiderThis.)

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  • Includes 17 heirloom insertion lace designs, with a heart motif:
    • 2 sizes of each of the hearts
    • 3 sizes of the single wingneedle hearts
    • 2 sizes center motifs
    • Monochrome and color sequenced motifs
    • 1-6×10 arrangement shown on pillow above
    • 1-5×7 arrangement of the wingneedle hearts
  • Includes 6-page, full-color instructional booklet (PDF)


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