Hope’s Joy Collectibles (8×8)

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Although the same artwork was used for each size, they are digitized differently from each other.

What’s Included

  • 2 Designs to fit the 8×8 hoop
  • PDF instructions

Designs Details

Design 1 – 200.00×199.80 mm – 61,458 stitches – 2 thread changes – 2 colors

Design 2 – 200.00×199.80 mm – 41,917 stitches – 1 thread changes – 1 colors


Fits the 8×8 Hoop

These designs are 1 or 2 color designs. I used 2 shades of the same color – purples, blues, pinks. I used the lighter color first and the darker shade second. The second color is basically an outline and some details of the overall design. It gives depth to the satin stitches of the first color/shade.\

This is the first of a series of designs like this I call ‘Collectibles’ that you can collect as they are posted and use them separately or together to create any projects your imagination can come up with. I’m using the smaller ones on the corners of dinner napkins. The larger ones can be on the side of placemats. My plan is of course quilt blocks and pillow tops or table covers. I can’t make up my mind – smiles!

The second design in this set is the satin stitch outline of the overall design and details about the design. The underlying satin fills are not sewn.

If you like this design check out the other two sizes – 4×4 and 6×6 or get them all at a 45% discount


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