Interlocked Blocks Series


his interlock quilt pattern has been on my to do list for years. I am thrilled to finally get it made.

There are 2 different size blocks – 100×100 mm (4×4 inches) and 125x125mm (5×5 inches).These design have 4 appliqués so as to keep the interlock look. There are 3 of these just in case you want to use just 1 to 4 colors or shades instead of the two shades I chose, or all one color.

There are also 2 different size blocks without the appliqués – 4×4 and 5×5. There are 3 of these – 1-4 colors, 2 shades, and all one color.

My quilt layout uses nine 5×5 blocks in the center. Twenty-four 4×4 blocks create the outer interlock pattern.


  • Includes 12 designs
  • Instructions how to sew the designs


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