ITH Cottage Shoppe 7×11 Inches


  • Includes the full 7×11 design of the cottage
  • Includes both signs in the design
  • Plus the full-size, stand-alone tree
  • Fits the 7×11 hoop or larger
  • Detailed PDF instructions
  • Zoom into the pictures to see the details


This cottage has many details, hence all the thread changes. But it is worth it!

All cottages were hooped with a layer of cotton quilting fleece on the backside, plus one layer of medium weight soft tear away stabilizer.

The cottage on the blue polar fleece was sewn with a top layer of Badgemaster.

Includes the cottage  PLUS a full size free standing tree.


  • Background fabric of choice
  • Applique fabric for: The stone chimney and steps; the house and dormers; the roof; the grass up against the front of the house; and the sign. Take note that the stitching will show up better on solid or almost solid fabrics.
  • Cotton quilt batting
  • Medium weight soft tear away stabilizer
  • Topdressing of Badgemaster – if sewing onto fleece or any knit fabric
  • Size 12 Topstitch needle for fabrics other than knits
  • Size 11 Ball point needle if sewing onto knit fabric
  • Size 80 or 100 weight bobbin thread – I use Wonderfil polyester bobbin threads
  • Thread colors of choice.


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