ITH Hat Pincushion and Mug Rug

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What’s Included

  • All 3 sizes for the 4×4, 6×6, and 8×8 hoops all with hand-look stitching
    • For Making a Mug Rug (waterproof if you like) made totally in the hoop
    • For making a hat pincushion made in hoop but for stuffing, gathering, and closing.
  • Flower arrangement is different for each size
  • A pdf document with instructions for both

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This is a good stash buster. It uses polyester fleece or felted wool. 

I created hand-look stitches for these. The flowers are lazy daisies.

I started out making pincushions into little hats. But as I was making them I came to realize they are pretty mug rugs and the 4×4 is a pretty coaster. If you have scraps of fleece in your stash you can make these inexpensively and use up some of those scraps.  

The mug rug design is made totally in the hoop. The pincushion is the same, then stuffed, gathered, hand stitch closed, and tied.

Each size has a different floral layout.


  • Polyester fleece, heavy knit, or felted wool – fabrics that do not ravel
  • Quilter’s Dream Cotton quilt batting white or black
  • Aquafilm 80 micron water soluble stabilizer (aka Badgemaster) or equivalent.
  • Madeira Embroidery thread to match the fabric
  • Madeira Embroidery threads for the florals and outside edge of the product in colors of your choice
  • Size 12 Embroidery Needle for the machine
  • Hand sewing embroidery needle size 10 or larger
  • Coats Extra Strong Nylon upholstery thread in nearest color to the fabric.
  • Fairfield Poly-fil premium polyester fiber fill
  • Optional: ribbon to complete the look


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