Laura’s Spring 01


What’s Included

  • 1 three inch Floral Design
  • Includes 1 four inch stitched outline
  • Photo of details and color changes
  • PDF document

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This is a collection of designs I named ‘Laura’s Spring’.

There are 12 designs. They are all the same size – 3 inches across.

I added a 4 inch outline that sews first, should you choose to use it. The 4 inch square outline gives the design 1/2 inch background fabric all around.

When you cut out the blocks, allow 1/4 inch seam allowance outside the 4 inch square (that’s 4 1/2 inches).

My plan is to make sampler placemats out of these. 3 blocks down is 12 inches and 4 blocks across is 16 inches. Sounds about right for a placemat to me. I will use dark fabric though because placemats will get stained.


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