Life is a Box of Colors

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All Colors Are Beautiful!

What’s Included

  • Two 8 inch designs
      • 2 for a clock
      • 1 for anything not a clock
  • Six 4 inch designs
      • 4 quarter designs (see photos)
      • 2 lettering designs
  • PDF instructions
  • PDF template of clock project

NOTE: I know this photo looks wrinkled. There is space between the numbers on the clock and the fabric creating shadows on the fabric. It is not wrinkled at all.


Information about the clock is included in the document that accompanies this collection

‘All Colors are Beautiful’ for the clock has been added to this collection. ‘All colors are Beautiful’ without the clock center and with the hands can be found on my FREEBIE page.

I think this design is awesome. I planned to put it in a quilt. But then on a walk around the lake it dawned on me to put it in a clock. I didn’t want to add numbers to the design. Then I found the perfect clock for it and went to work. The design comes in 8 inch and is divided into 4 easy to assemble pieces for smaller hoops.



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