Lil’ Sammy, Wing Needle Sun Bonnet 5×7


What’s Included

  • Sammy Wing Needle Sunbonnet 5×7
  • Formats EXP, HUS, JEF, PES, VIP, VP3
  • PDF instructions

Be sure to zoom into the photos to get a good look at the details


Susie’s friend Sam has joined her in my collection of embroidery designs. 

My project puts him in between two sunbonnet girls. So I planned for him to hold a bouquet of flowers but my husband said, “No, he needs a frog!” 

I tried to keep him as pastel as I could to match Susie in my project, but the frog! What can I say? Bullfrogs are, well, frogs. 

I chose to sew Little Sammy without a wing needle so you can see how it looks without the wing needle – I get so many people asking me that.

I created all of the wing needle stitches in this design.

You can, of course, sew him without using a wing needle as I did the 5×7 version of this design, Little Sammy Wing Needle Sunbonnet


  • Medium weight 100% cotton or cotton/linen blend fabric or embroidery blank – I used a table runner embroidery blank of medium weight cotton with a wide hemstitched edge. Wing Needle stitches sew best on natural fabrics where the wing part of the needle can separate the fibers of the fabric. I do not recommend polyester, acrylic, or man made fabrics.
  • Medium weight soft tear away stabilizer – I used 2 layers
  • Wing Needle – I used size 100 Schmetz. 
  • OR a large jeans needle will give the same effect just not as dramatic but still very pretty. 

To find out if you can use a wing needle please visit my tutorial.

    • Top Stitch Needle – I used size 12 Schmetz
    • Machine Embroidery threads #40 weight – colors desired. I used:
      • white to match the fabric
      • pale pink, medium pink
      • light green and medium green
      • flesh and another                                                                                                                                    flesh 3-4 shades darker for outlines & details
      • dark and medium brown for shoes
      • light blue for the coveralls and the bandana on his hat
      • medium blue for outlines and details on coveralls, the bandana on his hat, and the button thread
      • soft yellow for buttons and polka dots on the bandana
      • medium green for bow tie and darker green for outline and details
      • tan for brim and top of hat. Plus a darker tan for the outlines and details
      • darker tan for the crown of the hat plus a darker color for the outlines and details.
  • Jeremiah, The Bullfrog:
    • Light, medium, and dark olive
    • Brown for the warts and outlines
    • Black for the pupil


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