Mehndi Body Art


Mehndi body art is very popular in India, Pakistan, and other parts of the world as well as the US.

It is a generally worn by women during celebrations – festivals, weddings, and such. I’ve seen it on the heads of people with hair loss following cancer treatment.

Henna (a natural dye) is used to ‘paint’ the designs on hands, feet, shoulders, back, necklace, etc.

Colors range from Black/Brown to Orange.

To learn more about Mehndi body art, Google “Mehndi Body Art”.

Here’s a heart warming story about Mehndi Body Art and Cancer

Sent in from Abby Shaw. She writes,

“Hi Laura,

I have just ordered your new set of Mehndi designs. When my daughter was having chemo following her breast cancer surgery, she lost all her hair and wondered how she might handle it. She lives in Arizona. It was summer and she did not want to wear a wig because of the heat. She decided to go to a woman who did the henna mehndi designs and had her bare head covered with animal and floral designs such as these. People, especially kids, all wanted to “explore” her head to see what they could find.

It made a difficult time a little easier. We were sad to see the designs fade in about two months.

Thanks for the memories. I’ll be making her either a shirt or a bag, or both!
Abby Shaw


  • Includes twelve (12) designs Mehndi Body Art inspired designs
    • Eight (8) that fit the 4×4 (100 x 100 mm ) hoop
    • Four (4) that fit 5×7 (125 x 175 mm) hoop
    • Both sizes are included in the download
  • Designs Details Pages (PDF)


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