Midnight Periwinkle Quilt


I listen to a lot of audio books. I got tired of my CD player and headset laying around so I made this projects purse to keep it all together and clean. Or course, you may find other, more practical uses. If so, I loved to hear from you…and see pictures.

Made with 8 squares (4 front & 4 back) and a gusset, it has a zippered top and nifty wrist handle. Lined with black batting and fabric.

My periwinkle designs can be assemble into some interesting patterns, as part of larger project. Of course, as a quilter who also tinkers with machine embroidery, I had to make myself a quilt. I opted for purple on black, to complement my projects purse. Howeer, as you’ll below, color variations really open up the possibilities of this design set. My  black/purple quilt has a single center design that when combined with the other block designs around it creates what looks like a star in black. The other blocks when assembled give the illusion of a continuous floral lattice with black ovals spread throughout the quilt. The border and corner designs when assembled give the illusion of a continuous border around the quilt.

Each design is positioned within a 4×4 block outline to aide you in trimming and assembling the blocks into quilts. Each finished block measures 3 5/-inches square. When finished, my quilt measured 27-inches square.


  • Includes four (4) designs files shown, for the 4×4 hoop (100×100 mm)


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