Molas Nouveau Collection

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Includes 24 designs:

    • Five Mola-inspired 5×7 designs and their reverse images (10 design files)
    • Seven Mola-inspired 4×4 designs and their reverse images (14 design files)
    • 24 designs total
    • Instructions

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As the first in my Mola series, Molas Nouveau is my attempt at recreating this beautiful artwork within the constraints of machine embroidery. As such, the signature reverse-applique technique that is the hallmark of Mola art is replaced with a combination of conventional applique and satin stitches, while still relying on the same bold primary colors that have also become a signature of Kuna fabric art.

Until quite recently, hoop sizes for home embroidery machine limited just how large a project one could create, within the confines of a single hoop. Still, this constraint inspired me to be a bit more creative by sequencing my Mola Nouveaus as a series of patches that could be assembled into larger projects as seen here, as will on the sister page, Mucho Mola Nouveau. Of course, the instructions that come the designs show you how stitch them as patches, or not.

I also added a optional fringe component to the end of the stitch sequence, for a little extra embellishment.


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