Ms. September -Dog Calendar Collectible 8-Inch


What’s Included

  • 8-Inch Dog with lettering
  • 8-Inch Dog without lettering
  • Lettering sized for 8-Inch designs
  • PDF instructions

Zoom into the pictures to see all the details.

See the 4 in and  6 in designs.
Plus an ‘I want it all!‘ discount for when you purchase all 3 sizes


These are ‘Collectible’ designs
If you plan to follow along with this collectible keep in touch. Sign up for my Facebook group or my email list. Email sign up is at the bottom of every page.

I have sewn every one of the 6 and 8 inch designs and some of the 4 inch designs myself and watched every stitch go into the fabric. They sew perfectly. Please use the notions I recommend for best results, especially the bobbin thread and the stabilizers. The rest of the 4 inch designs were sewn by my highly experienced assistant, Dee Froula.

More Information about this collection on June 24, 2021 post



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