Molas Nouveau – Mucho Molas!

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What’s Included

    • Five Mola-inspired designs, for the 5×7 hoop, and their center motifs (10 design files in all)
    • Seven Mola-inspired designs, for the 4×4 hoop, and their center motifs (14 design files in all)
    • 24 designs total

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Following the success of the original Mucho Molas I created this set with the added feature of individual designs of the central figure in each mola.

  • Sew these as patches or directly onto your project – its optional
  • The advantage of patches is they are
    • easily stitched together,
    • can be added to hard to hoop objects, and
    • can be removed and saved if their object becomes damaged, and
    • can be made into a totally molas purse and other objects like glasses cases, cases for your scissors and rotary cutters, and hot handle holders for your kitchen.
  • Sew the fringe or not – It’s optional
  • I made a whole set of these for the kitchen – including a hot handle cover


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