New brothread 25 Colors Variegated Polyester Embroidery Machine Thread Kit 500M (550Y) Each Spool

  • ★ 25 SPOOLS PER KIT – 25 spools Great-Assorted variegated colors Polyester Embroidery Machine Thread to brighten and beautify all sort of your embroidery projects. Make your embroidery unique and highlighted from single color projects!!!
  • ★ PERFECT WEIGHT & LENGTH – Each spool is 120D/2 (40WT) and 500M (550Y) length, which makes these spools of variegated colors Polyester Embroidery Machine Thread ideal for all sort of your embroidery projects.
  • ★ EXCELLENT TENSILE STRENGTH – Lower risks of breaking or fraying, Elasticity and Tenacity of polyester also reduces risks of looping and puckering of Polyester Embroidery Machine Thread. Few colors will have weaker strength than solid colors, because of repeatedly dyeing process to get specific variegated colors, you can slow down the stitching speed of your machine to avoid breaking problem.
  • ★ SUPER COLOR FASTNESS – Polyester Embroidery Machine Thread holds up colors even when subjected to commercial laundering, bleaching and other harsh chemicals, desirable features for workwears, uniforms and linens which are often subjected to commercial laundering.
  • ★★ New Brothread Polyester Embroidery Machine Thread always think what you think, do what you do, love what you love.
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