Our Whole Life Quilt Banner

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What’s Included

  • All Designs shown in the details photos below
  • Instructions on how to sew the designs
  • General instructions how to make the quilt*

* I offer only general instructions how to make the quilt. There is so much information out there how to do this, I do not see the need to repeat it. If you need more assistance please reach out to a quilter, library books, Google, You tube, etc.


Sometimes it just has to be said, so why not say in style. Our Whole Life is a quilt banner project centered around three different expressions, as shown in the attached photo gallery, proclaiming to any who might want to know…or need to know…the importance of cats, dogs and grandchildren in our lives. The project(s) is a floral of primitive flowers and associated garden “critters”, with the flowers utilizing fringe to give the petals added dimension. What’s more, the quilting pattern seen in these sewouts is integrated into the design, so that the design comes out of the hoop ready to assemble.

Of course, if you can digitize your own lettering, then you can customize your own message, making Our Whole Life your own expression.




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