Petal Party Floral

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What’s Included

  • Includes 15 floral designs
  • Instructions on how to sew the designs and thread changes


I purchased these flower buttons at market 2010 with plans to make a project with them. But then I couldn’t think of a project to make with them. I already had too many bags that never get used.

Any beautiful buttons work well!! They do not need to be florals. I found several in my button collection and can’t wait to put them with some of these designs. So get out your buttons – old or new – and start planning your project.

Just in the off chance you don’t want to add buttons or at least not to all of the flowers, I added some flower petals and centers so you can sew them instead of using buttons as seen in the following picture.

Alternatively you can put buttons on some of them but sew the petals  on the remaining ones.  Have fun with these!


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