Pinwheel Petals Floral


What’s Included

  • All 15 Designs shown above
  • Instructions how to sew the designs


Following the Petal Party collection, I still had buttons I wanted to make something with. Plus I didn’t get to use the pretty leaf buttons I purchased at the same time as the Petal Party buttons. I also needed a design to add to the flip side of the functional crochet bag that I need. I also need a small case to store my crochet hooks and other paraphernalia I use when crocheting. Pinwheel Petals will work well for both these projects.

Pinwheel Petals collection doesn’t focus on large buttons but rather small ones. Because this design can  be divided into four quarter wreath sections, it opens up other possibilities not available with Petal Party. The two collections compliment each other giving you many possibilities to use your beautiful buttons…or no buttons at all.


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