Pots O’ Flowers Applique


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What’s Included

Includes all five (5) 4×4 designs and the bonus phrase.

PDF instructions for sewing the designs.

Note: The phrase is included as a single 5×7 design and as a two-part 4×4 design.


Simple Flowers are, as the name implies, a simple set of primitive applique flowers in pots. Where they draw their creative powers is that box, bag…or chest…of fabric scraps with which you couldn’t bring yourself to part, because they’re the perfect color, it cost too much to waste even a smidgen, or hold some sentimental value. Yes, I have a chest full of those. Just don’t tell my hubby. After all, what he doesn’t see he doesn’t know.

Sorry, fabric’s not included. But isn’t this just what that stash of fabrics you’ve been hoarding has been waiting for?




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