Prisms le Fleur – See Through Appliques

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What’s Included

  • 13 Prism Designs 4×4 to 5×11 inches with one 11 inch border split in two 4×6 inch sections for smaller hoops
  • Detailed Pictorial PDF:
    • How to make prisms
    • Sew order for each design
    • Design details
    • Notions needed
    • Hooping
    • Washing out water soluble stabilizer completely
    • Cutting fabric within the hoop
    • Cutting away excess applique fabric

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 ‘Add a touch of flair and a bit of dare to your next machine embroidery project, with Prisms le Fleur.’  

It’s been a long time coming! A sequel to Prisms Amour I made in 2004. I made several projects with those designs back in the day. They are so beautiful! I love looking at them. They have been through numerous washes in the washer and dryer and are still holding up quite well.  My husband coined the name prisms for this type design the way that I make them.

Prisms le Fleur includes several sizes of designs for most any project whether a small touch of pizazz on a napkin or blouse or larger projects like pillowcases, sheets, table runners.  Dee and I have had a grand time making projects with these. Once you get started you can’t quit. Although she did state that sewing them on burlap took a bit more patience to cut out but well worth the effort.

What my husband said last time still applies. ‘Add a touch of flair and a bit of dare to your next machine embroidery project, with Prisms.’ So be careful where you place them on clothing – smiles.    

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