Scribbles 2


Design 2 in the series.



Design No. 2 in the series.

This is one of a whimsical collection of 4×4 designs that I made designed and digitized some years ago and subsequently sewed onto one of my pink sweaters. When I ran across the photograph, I had an, “Oh my!” moment. Even after all these years, I still love the result. I just might need to move some place colder, just so I can enjoy them more…

…or maybe I’ll make another Scribbles project.

While I enjoy the tone-on-tone look for my initial project, you’re encouraged to let your imagination take you where it will – be it bold contrasting colors or an exploration into variegated threads. If you’re proud of your Scribbles interpretation, I hope you’ll share.

A note for those who’d like to replicate what I’ve done:

To embroider on sweaters be sure to use a medium-weight, cut-away stabilizer and a top dressing of aquafilm/badgemaster water-soluble stabilizer.

Psst! If you like all my Scribbles, you can get ’em at a really good price.

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  1. born2sewaust

    thank you x

    • Laura

      You are very welcome

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