The Original: The Trials of Sara Larkin: A Novel by Claudia Christian


THE ORIGINAL is the story of Sara Larkin, who thought her career in Hollywood was on the slide. On a rather exciting day she kills herself, some mysterious people dispose of the body, and she gets on with life as someone else. Everything improves, she gets a good role in a major movie, Assassinelle, and soon she is a superstar. All the while she is becoming less human, which is a bit of a worry. People are still trying to kill her, but she is being protected by a Russian psychopathic, Svetlana, a PA and bodyguard who is considerably less human than Sara. Assassinelle becomes a big hit making Sara a star but Sara’s shadow supporters go on the offensive and wipe out those trying to kill Sara. The trouble is that Sara’s people are not the good guys.


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