Thread Samplers – Variegated Threads Anyone?

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Thread Samplers for the 4×4, 5×7, 6×10, 7×11, and 8×11 embroidery hoops.

All 5 sizes included in the download



A must have for those of us who have variegated and/or fancy threads. No  more last minute test sewing to determine how they are going to look. Make these sheets to keep and reference when you want to use a special thread in your projects. 

We all love fancy threads – variegated, iridescent, metallic, wools, etc.  I collect many types too. But the most mysterious of all of these are the variegated color threads. It’s always a guessing game how it will turn out when sewing with one of them. They have a mind of their own after all.  

I’ll pause here to distinguish between Ombre and multi color spools/cones of thread. Ombre threads are all the same color with various degrees of shading. Multi color threads are just that, multiple colors. These are particularly exciting threads – IMO. They are very nice to use for machine embroidery quilting.

When I’m working on a project, I find it annoying to stop and sew samples to find out what’s going to happen if I use one of them. Also, I became tired of these beautiful threads decorating a thread drawer and not using them to their full potential.

Variegated threads look differently when sewn with different types of stitches. I decided I was going to find out which type stitches brought out the beauty of each one of my treasured variegates. A reference sampler is perfect. I simply look at it and decide which type and color variegated threads I could use where.

I created a sampler for each variegated thread to show how it looks sewn as different type stitches and fills.  I make my samplers into ‘pages’ that I keep in 3 ring sheet protectors and in a 3 ring notebook.

You can tell by the look of my sampler pages that they have been referred to many times. For more information about variegated threads check out my post.

If you need some (or more – smiles) consider clicking on the links to the deals I discovered on these dreamy threads. 



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