Two Hearts, One Love Heralding Project, Customizable

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What’s Included:

  • Design files to stitch the project with the 4×4 hoop (7 files), 5×7 hoop (3 files) or the 6×10 hoop (2 files)
  • There are two sets of each design file – color sequenced and monochromatic
  • Details instructions for stitching the designs and, most importantly, releasing the fringe components of the project

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Two Hearts, One Love is a large, multi-part machine embroidery project, divided into sections that may be sewn in the 4×4, 5×7 or 6×10 hoops.

When finished, the project measures 9 x 9½ inches.

The perfect gift for the bride and groom or special anniversary events

Fits a standard size frame and mat.

See my tutorial how to release this type fringe.

Lettering service – I’m happy to do the lettering for you


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