Vintage Heartland Collection (6 inch)

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What’s Included

  • Sixteen 6 inch designs
  • PDF instructions

*Also available in just 8 inch size at 25% off.

**Also available in a full collection of both sizes for an additional 20% off.


I ran across this artwork and thought it so interesting. Looks like old timey scenes of the heartland. I was raised on a farm and family from farming communities. These designs contain many familiar images and conjure up many memories. I must say that the rows are straighter, and the landscapes are manicured unlike any farms I’ve ever seen for real. But this is what we thought they would look like. Smiles

There are 16 different designs. Each design is available in 6 inch and 8 inch sizes. Each design has the double border. If desired, the border can be bypassed by skipping the first thread color. There  are very few thread jumps in these designs.

My copyright lettering is not part of the embroidery design.


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