Vintage Lace Truck With Trees


What’s Included

  • Lace truck machine embroidery design
  • Lace tree machine embroidery design
  • Lace truck rails machine embroidery design
  • Comprehensive pictorial instructions

Unassembled, this lace truck is 181 x 276 mm  (7.2 inches x 10.9). Assembled 2.5” tall x 5.5” long, x 1.75” wide. The trees are 3” tall and the base is roughly 2.25” across


Currently, an old vintage truck is a very popular icon of days past. When I ran across this artwork I knew it had to be made in machine embroidery.

IMO, one of the biggest advantages to making the truck in lace is that there is no fabric to cut out to add window fabric or lace to the windows and head/tail lights that allow light to show through. The cutouts are already digitized in the design.


  • There is no need to cut out the truck. It will already be cut out when the water soluble stabilizer is melted off.
  • Making the truck in lace, the color of the truck is limited by your thread stash not your fabric stash. 
  • With lace, the whole truck will light up when you add lights under it.
  • It’s lace! 💖


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