Water Soluble Stabilizer Wash n Gone 10 yard roll – SuperStable Embroidery Stabilizer Backing


This is the same as Vilene water soluble stabilizer

  • This stabilizer is a complete wash away stabilizer, leaving no residue. It is a fibrous wash away stabilizer for free standing lace, fleece and pashmina. It dissolves easily in tap water leading to a far tighter definition, while being less messy than film stabilizers, as fibers hold stitches. Also , in humid climates, film stabilizers will sag leading to the loss of hooping tension and leading to a loss in definition. Made with 100% PVA ( Poly vinyl alcohol)
  • White, roll of 12 inch high x 10 yards.
  • Made in USA.
  • Ideal for FSL Free standing lace, Hardanger, cutwork, fringe puffs
  • Completely dissolves.
  • Wash n gone.
  • Available in other sizes


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