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One of the interesting things about living in a major metropolitan area, even in the States, is the range of cultural diversity one can find, without hardly looking. We see it in foods we eat, the clothes we wear and the faces of the people we pass on the street. That’s why when I decided to create my own welcome door banner, I thought it appropriate to include a few extra languages. Regrettably, while Google was helpful in compiling a list, my front door has only so much real estate and my embroidery hoop even less.

My Welcome Door Banner Quilt is comprised of two separate designs for the 8×11 hoop and incorporates a background quilting sequence to help finish off the project, while still in the hoop, should you wish to use it as such. Of course you can always customize the second, larger design with your own welcome message should you be sew inspired.



  • Both designs shown above
  • Instructions how to sew the designs


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